Radial works with established clients to improve software stability and performance, and to pay down code debt as it grows.

Code Debt Analysis and Management

Tradeoffs -- whether for speed or simplicity -- are inherent in software development. Over time, tradeoffs can become code debt and cause complexity. Radial analyzes existing softwar stacks, identifies and mitigates hidden code debt, and in real time, reviews code to alleviate the debt.

Lean Process Engagement

Lean software development is a challenge in new projects. Radial uses a lean approach to help clients refine their business models. We identify core assumptions and develop products to validate them. The result: high-impact software.

Risk Analysis

It’s normal for software engineersto build using their favorite tools. Sometimes these tools end up being wrong for the job, but it can be hard to know this from the start. Radial helps our clients identify and mitigate these technical risks, with our strong knowledge of multiple stacks.