Radial knows that the process of developing software on which your business depends is fraught with challenges. Our relentless focus on delivery helps us put effective software in your hands after only weeks, rather than after months or years.

We are believers in the concepts promoted by Eric Reis in his seminal work, The LEAN Startup. Our team works with your product owners to implement and deliver the central core of your software in as short a timeline as possible, and we then iteratively improve and adapt to your changing needs.

Elixir Into Go

In spring and summer 2022, Radial worked with a growing real estate technology provider to help move from a monolithic web application written using the Phoenix framework in Elixir, toward a set of microservices written in Golang, and intended to be implemented in a Google Cloud envirnoment.

The project involved more than just language transition, but thorough understanding of the intent of a scaling business, and the ways in which the initial platform MVP let to blind alleys and popular freeways in the business sense.

Radial delivered the work on budget and in less time than predicted.

Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat is an innovative recipe and meal planning service that assists its users to explore new food, and to efficiently use their time shopping and cooking. It helps organize trips to the grocery store and your freezer.

Radial has worked with PlanToEat.com for years, initially assisting with transitioning the MVP to a stable, scalable API-based platform with a 12-factor web and mobile front end. Our work includes complex data availability aimed at ensuring that your mobile app doesn’t stop working in front of the dairy case in your favorite grocery, and a cleanly implemented and feature rich mobile client.

A social network you’re about to hear about

Radial has provided long-term support to a team working to launch an innovative, new idea in social networking. Focused on small group connections, and the interrelatedness of those groups, rather than on the haphazard many-to-many individual connections without content, Hapyn is set to emerge from stealth in the coming year.

Radial worked to implement the core of this social platform, from nothing to a robust competitor in the space. The bar to entry as a social competitor is high, the feature set large, but Radial’s approach started with a core of functionality, and iteratively expanded the feature set over time, resulting in a compelling application and social play for the company’s founding team.

You’ll hear more about Haypn soon.

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