Delivery & Project Management: The Radial Way

The biggest risk when hiring a software developer - whether a freelancer or an agency - is uncertainty related to delivery. Missed deadlines can derail product roadmaps, costing product managers and developers credibility. Reliable regular delivery empowers product managers to set accurate goals and expectations, to do effective business planning, and establishes credibility with stakeholders.

At Radial, we prioritize our ability to deliver and always keep projects moving in the right direction. To do this, we provide our clients with a developer as the primary contact on all projects. We refer to this person as a “developer lead,” and this person is both a hands-on software engineer and our project manager.

The developer lead is our client’s connection to the team building the software, and works with the client to define product specifications, determine the relative importance of these specifications, and the effort required to complete each. The developer lead then organizes these specifications into a series of two-week development efforts, balancing customer needs against budget. If an unexpected issue should arise during the sprint, the developer lead will proactively communicate with the customer to empower them to make any necessary decisions and to keep the sprint on-track.

Our process is rooted in the concepts of agile development and scrum-based project management. For large projects, we work hard to break difficult, long-term tasks into a series of smaller, more directly deliverable tasks. By breaking monolithic projects and features into a series of two week development “sprints,” we always work on short-term, achievable goals, with a great deal of accountability, ensuring that we always deliver what we promise. Radial’s process, with the developer lead at the center, is designed to build trust, create predictability, and minimize risk.

When you have an idea and need help making it a reality, or you have your features and requirements all figured out, Radial can meet you where you are. We understand your goals, your budget, and we promise relentless delivery.