Dave Loftis


Dave is a believer that if something is worth doing that it should be awesome. He’s an entrepreneur with several positive exits and some which were lessons learned. A serial entrepreneuer, Dave places a strong emphasis on using lean approaches to business development and is always looking for effective ways to measure and improve successes.

He’s an amateur chef and has put together meals for fundraisers or as neighborhood get-togethers. He knows where to get awesome but affordable wine, beer, and spirits. He know who sells the best coffee, and which are the hottest new restaurants and which are the amazing ones who have set standards for years. Dave isn’t just great at a dinner or a potluck, but he’s as well-traveled and experienced in the startup scene - from incubators, working on his own, or partering with people - with stories of success or hindsight.


Dave works as a fractional CTO helping entrepreneurs find success in the world of tech and startups.