Working at Radial

About Us

We believe code is for people. Coding works best when “success” means meeting the needs of the people involved, both clients and developers. That’s why Radial was founded six years ago - to make sure people are at the center of everything we do by rethinking a dev team from the ground up. Today, we are a team of more than 10 and have been and plan to remain primarily remote post-pandemic.

Our culture is what helps us and our clients succeed, so we are intentional about nurturing it. We believe proactive and constructive communication helps us put our people first, so we communicate about communication. Through regular retrospectives and 1:1s, we integrate our team members’ feedback to make sure we’re both constantly improving and smoothing over molehills before they become mountains. Every voice matters and the way we do things is constantly under review to ensure it enables our people.

Writing code for people means working together to put good code into production. We use TDD on every project to ensure our code stays maintainable and easy to read and have integrated mentorship into our entire operation. We require at least 2 peer reviews before any code is merged, and pairing is a strategic tool in our toolbox. Finally, our emphasis on deployment to production means we are actively partnering with our clients to test their business hypotheses.

All of this means the work we do has an impact on our communities, our clients, their customers, and the world.

About The Job

From the company owner to the newest hire, everyone at Radial is paid the same salary. Employees also receive 100% paid health care premiums through Kaiser and 10 weeks paid vacation (20 days of company closures and 6 weeks PTO). Dental, vision, and other policies are available to be purchased by the employee through our Aflac representative.

You can anticipate that you will learn Rails, React, Python/Django, as well as a number of other technologies. We want our employees to be successful, so we organized our projects and communication around making information and knowledge easily available. We proactively prevent tribal knowledge and knowledge silos within the organization.

As our flat pay structure reflects, we believe developers should have agency. We are excited to support Radial employees who have a vision and want to drive towards it. Additionally, all developers have access to our Dev Lead Guide and may take part in our training program - which includes project management - to become Developer Leads. Since a common qualification for “Senior Developer” is a “developer who can do project management”, this means new Radial developers arrive as Juniors and leave as Seniors.

"Thank you so much again! I've had a great experience with you! I'll definitely be sharing your service with my network."

Founder | CleverClerk