Radial helps clients take websites mobile, improve existing software stacks, and launch intrapreneurial products.

Idea to Business Model

You have your idea and you understand the problem you want to solve your customers. Next is to validate assumptions and establish a viable business model to implement as software. Radial employs Lean and Agile methodologies to ascertain who your customers are, and what they will pay for.

Business Model to MVP

After the product and customers are identified, Radial rapidly develops a flexible, minimum viable product (MVP) from which to explore options. Radial engineers anticipate pivots. We respond rapidly -- with well-designed and flexible software -- to changing needs.

MVP to Scaled Product

With solid, proven business relationships, engaged customers, a working MVP and a thriving enterprise, your software needs to grow, too. Radial can help complete a “greenfield” rewrite, or simply scale and build a fault-tolerant, efficient product.