Vet Measure


Vet Measure is a company focused on improving veterinary care and veterinary-client relations through wearables for the animal market.

Vet Measure developed an animal monitoring harness in partnership with Sapien LLC, a research and development company with an expertise in embedded systems, app development, wearable electronics, and biometric devices.


Vet Measure needed a modern web application that visually presented the harness data to end users. This supported their goal of providing detailed animal health information both inside and outside of the veterinary clinic.

The company had already developed a harness prototype with the Sapien LLC task force, so Radial collaborated with Sapien in developing the web application to pair with the harness.


API: Radial started by building a Cloud API that could receive data from hardware devices. This created a system for recording the data over time. The flexibility of this system allows for other applications to interface with the harness in the future, giving Vet Measure room for expansion. Radial prioritized getting the staging server up by day two, allowing the data to be demoed to partners nearly immediately.

Admin Interface: Vet Measure needed the application to have an administrative interface. Radial solved this problem by using Django Admin, allowing the admin user to view and update the data in a user-friendly way. Because Radial built a REST API with Django REST Framework, the app can now be easily extended for future functionality.

The app’s data is gathered within 3-4 seconds and connects to any Wi-Fi access point. It is then transmitted to the Cloud API where it is transformed into a graphical display in the web application. Radial used React to build the app and SVG to render the graphics, making a visually appealing data trend analysis that is easy to read and understand.

Design Specifications: It was important to Vet Measure that the application have an alert feature so that when the harness detected abnormal vitals, it could send an alert to specified recipients. Radial’s solution was to develop a configurable alert class that allows users (admins) to specify who to send the alert to and whether it should be an email or a text. If multiple vital signs are abnormal in a short time period, the alert class also collects them and sends them all at once, in just one email.

Since this project required quick turnaround time, Radial utilized the help of a designer to speed up the development process. The designer comps gave the developers a clear design to follow, so they could focus their time and energy on programming.


Customizable harness: Vet Measure now currently has a web application for its harness that displays heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure in real time based on information from the harness. Knowing that each patient has different needs, the harness can be customized to track specific data for every individual case within the vet clinic, and in the comfort of a home.

Future: The project itself is currently in the operational testing phase. Vet Measure has extended its contract with Radial to assist with firmware development as the project moves forward.