The biggest concern people have when hiring a software development agency is uncertainty about reliability when it comes to delivery. Unreliable deliveries cause stops and detours in product roadmaps, leaving product managers struggling to explain why their plans are consistently delayed. Reliable delivery empowers you to set more accurate goals, because, while software engineering time expectations are often difficult to predict, you can be confident that Radial’s focus on delivery will always keep your project moving in the right direction.

At Radial we understand the importance of reliable delivery. This is why we provide you with a developer to be your primary contact on each project. We call this person your “developer lead.”

Throughout your engagement with us, the developer lead is your connection to the team. The lead will work with you to define product specifications and will create a process that clearly defines these specified features, or “stories” with you. Together, you and the lead will determine the importance of these stories, through a process we call “sprint planning.” Radial uses your stories, and our estimates of the time required to complete each, to plan a series of two-week development efforts, or “sprints,” ensuring that the team completes and delivers the work for you. We work with you every step of the way, and ensure that ongoing development happens at a steady and predictable pace.

Our process is rooted in the concepts of agile development and scrum-based project management methodologies, and by working in two week “sprints” we ensure that we will deliver what we promise. Radial’s process is designed to establish trust and predictability, thereby minimizing risk related to product development. The developer lead is the key in our ability to deliver for you.

As an example, one of our clients is a very competent and experienced product owner and developer with an established product and thousands of customers. He works with Radial rather than hiring a dedicated, and expensive, team of developers. He doesn’t always need our help to manage his project, but he always works and plans sprints with Radial’s Developer Lead. Our lead then splits the work among our developers, and we work together to deliver whatever must be included in the sprint. The end result is a well roadmapped product with a regular release schedule, a constantly evolving product, and a budget that is predictable and below the market cost for an in-house team of developers. More satisfied users of his product is a bonus.

Whether you are coming to us with an just an idea and need help figuring out how to make that idea a reality, or you have your features and requirements all figured out, Radial can meet you where you are. We understand client goals and budget and promise delivery. We won’t overpromise, and we work hard to ensure that we don’t underpromise.