transReal Estate Entrepreneur Goes from Idea to Revenue in Months Empowered by Radial’s Software Developers

Challenge: Sarnen Steinbarth owned a property management company and managed property listings, renter’s applications, credit score qualification and rental payment through expensive enterprise solutions. Sarnen found fragmented solutions for marketing or application processing but there was not an affordable and effective complete solution. He rolled up his sleeves and started to work finding a real need for an application like Turbo Tenant. Sarnen reached out to Radial to help lead the project technology architecture design and execution.

Solution: The Radial team met with Sarnen to understand his vision and best way to contribute. A thorough discovery process followed, digging deep understanding product desired outcomes, value to end users. Following Radial’s process of: project discovery, defining minimum viable product (MVP) scope and weekly agile software delivery Turbo Tenant went from an idea to an adopted platform for landlords.

Result: Radial delivered the first version of the product that allowed Turbo Tenant  to validate the business with customers. The application encompassed a web app for renters, an admin portal for landlords to manage all their properties, user database, and integration with several cloud APIs. Turbo Tenant went from idea to revenue in months empowered by radial’s software developers.

Here we highlight the main features:

  • Create property listings websites on Turbo Tenant  
  • Syndicate listings to national listing services (e.g.,
  • Online rental applications
  • Processing with credit checks and criminal records through TransUnion’s SmartMove API
  • Infrastructure to start processing payments
  • Client front-end deployment based on user experience designers assets

“As a Northern Colorado company we wanted to stay local with our software development team.  After searching and interviewing different developers and agencies Radial came highly recommended.  They shared our vision of the product, our start-up attitude and most importantly were a very capable group of developers.”

Sarnen Steinbarth Turbo Tenant CEO

Technologies Used:  

Ruby (and Rails): Turbo Tenant was developed on Rails because it is a mature framework for developing web applications with a well-developed ecosystem speeding time to market and software reliability.

React.js: We use React.js on our client side to provide richer interactivity and client-side behavior.  

Postgres (PG): The relational database was designed in Postgres because its maturity, performance and scalability.

Heroku: Deployment platform ideal for early stage startups.  



About Turbo Tenant: Founded by a landlord and owner of a property management company Sarnen Steinbarth in 2015 , Turbo Tenant  is designed to give individual owner the tools that (until now) only large management companies have had access to. Turbo Tenant’s goal is to make the rental leasing process simple and painless through easy-to-use online tools for marketing, rental applications, screening and rent payments.

About Radial Development Group: Radial is lightweight consultancy of detail-oriented software developers located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado. Radial developers have a passion for improving process and delivering results daily.

 Radial envisions setting the standard for integrity and value for clients and partners. Radial’s goal is always to help maximize the value of client’s project and business, and believe the path to happiness is a happy customer.

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