Inviting all female developers: learn Ruby on Rails.

If you want to learn to code, get your feet wet Saturday (June 4th) at the Railsbridge: Ruby and Ruby On Rails Workshop (Denver).  Radial team member Rebecca Jackson is volunteering for the event.

Quoted from the meetup:

This workshop is intended to reach out to women who are new to Ruby and Rails. If you identify as a cis male and would like to attend, please find the woman in your life who wants to learn Ruby and Rails so she can sign up and bring you as her guest. If you are a guy registering, please make sure you let us know who you are coming as a guest of.


At Radial, we use Rails in the majority of our work for clients because it provides a quick way to get up and running to support a JavaScript front-end, create a basic stand-alone site, put together a dashboard, or create a complete, feature-rich web application. It’s also an easy framework to get started with.