The Importance of Software Testing and Code Review: It’s every developer’s dream to design a software that will revolutionize an industry. The reality is much different. Many pieces of code go through extensive software testing but never make it to market. Other software programs reach the market and fail to make an impact. Without developers with dreams of making tasks easier, our software industry would not thrive. As it stands, thousands of new software applications enter the market each day. As software developers, we’re hard-pressed to learn about them all as we develop applications for our valued business clients. In the following blog, we examine the importance of unit testing for your software application, especially as it relates to recent business cases.

Innovation is Collaborative

One of the things that makes a software truly unique and highly functional is when it’s built through a team’s collaboration. Any IT Firm using a lean or agile process for software development knows that a software goes through many iterations in a short time period. The trick to this approach to software development is using pieces of code that have worked in the past as the building blocks for a new program. These frames make the software development time less.

Importance of Testing

A major stage in the software development life cycle is testing. This is the phase when software developers work out all the kinks. Karl Groves explains: “Back before the web, Barry Boehm estimated the expense of post-production remediation to be 100x the cost earlier in the software development process. This became known as the Boehm Curve. While the ‘100x’ estimation has been questioned by many, what isn’t under question is that late discovery of defects is orders-of-magnitude more costly.”

How We Do It

The steps in developing a software app are your company’s key to avoiding the cost of post-production remediation. Any software program can develop a bug after launch. It’s impossible to anticipate what the associated costs of bugs will be, but good developers ensure that there is a testing infrastructure in place to identify as many of them as possible. We guarantee  our team will use a comprehensive and collaborative approach to building your coding software. We will ensure that your web application architecture supports all of your business objectives. We will also carefully document the testing stages and how we fix the bugs because we understand the importance of software testing and code review.

The Matter of Over-Testing

Many firms have built enough steps into the testing phase to catch most bugs. These problems clients never affect clients because they get fixed long before they can interrupt an application’s normal operations in the field. While it is essential to use humans to review the software product prior to launch, there’s the matter of over-testing. You should ensure that your software developers use test tooling to run a software through basic flows and search for key conditions. According to’s Matthew Heusser, “This can range from unit tests or testing a Web API all the way to end-to-end exercising of the GUI.” We have built test tooling in to our software development methodology, ensuring that we study how an application will run. It cuts down on the time that we invest in developing new releases of a client’s application for the market.

We want to help you understand how software testing results in a better application. If you have questions about the kinds of testing that will occur in the development of your application, please contact us today. We will also gladly refer you to past business cases that explain the importance of testing and code review.

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