Developers take a great deal of pride in their work — and for good reason — which may, in some cases, mean that they’re hesitant to undergo software testing and code review.

What they don’t understand, however, is that software testing and code review are not only a good idea, they’re essential for any developer looking to save his/her company’s time and, ultimately, money.

Here, then, is a list of reasons why software testing and code review are important, and what developers need to know about it when they’re undergoing it:

  • Software testing and code review spreads knowledge across the entire team. No one person is responsible for proper coding — which, in the long run, relieves stress. This doesn’t give you, the developer, the right to slack off, or not complete your job on time, but it does give you peace of mind to know that your work will be checked, and double-checked, for maximum efficiency.
  • Software testing and code review fits right in with the existing team’s flow of process. By doing it this way, the software testing and code review team can make sure that the product is working perfectly before it’s implemented.
  • Even though, on the surface, it seems as though code review takes time (and it does), it also saves time in the long-term. Reason being: when the code works properly the first time, it doesn’t have to be deactivated or re-tooled to work properly the second, third, and fourth time. In addition, this type of review creates an opportunity for growth and empowerment amongst junior engineers.

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