In order to form a prosperous company culture, there needs to be a mutually-agreed upon set of values. Radial has always implemented a strong sense of communication, transparency, and teamwork. Because of this, we believe that everyone should be a part of the discussion about what we value as within our company. By doing so, everyone benefits from personal reflection and has time to solidify their ideas through discussion as a group. We create meaningful work, but why?

As part of one of our weekly Retrospective meetings, we took turns voicing things that we currently did and liked, and things that we wish we did. After making this list, we individually went back and recorded values that we thought aligned with each statement, followed by an anecdote on why that value(s) is important to Radial.

The following Friday, we re-grouped for a follow-up values meeting. We wrote down every value that we had brainstormed onto large post-it notes and then grouped similar words into categories. From there, we chose one word from each category that we believed best embodied all of the values listed. The result left us with a list of words that we can identify with and share with our community, clients, and future team members. Our values are one of the reasons we create work that we can be proud of.

Reflection is important for growth. Everyone has their own personal values, but pooling them together and finding the commonalities defines who we are as a team. Intentional. Purpose. Integrity. Understanding each other and what motivates us leads to what we do best: Delivery.

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