Our Story

It was about time. Co-founder Marshall Smith and I had both worked at other consultancies. We had seen poor decisions that had discounted staff and customers and we were determined that we could serve customers better by taking better care of the staff. We set out to build the company we wanted to work at and the one we would hire.

Reliably-available vacation, consistent income, care for how we worked and what we produced, accountability that keeps people honest and the courage to be consistently candid – we were determined to build a company that we could love and we hoped others would love too.

As we began to operate, we discovered that we could deliver for customers and ship. We realized how hard it had been, in the past, to work behind the curtain and to rarely see our work in the world. We made making a real-world impact a core part of what we do and we’re always looking for ways to encourage companies to be brave and to test their products and designs in the wild.

In the beginning was idealism about making a real impact, on the people in our company, our customers, and their customers and that is still the vision that drives us today…

… Code is for people.

- Ben West, Co-Founder

"Thank you so much again! I've had a great experience with you! I'll definitely be sharing your service with my network."

Founder | CleverClerk